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Could Misuse of Forceps Cause a Kentucky Birth Injury?

Bringing a new life into this world is a joyous occasion. Most expecting mothers can’t imagine that such a wonderful, momentous event could end in devastation. However, when doctors or nurses make a mistake, their negligence can cause a Northern Kentucky birth injury.

When your child suffers, you and your entire family suffer as well. Not only could your child develop long-lasting injuries, but life as you know it can change forever due to no fault of your own.

One type of birth injury that some Kentucky doctors have been liable for is facial paralysis. When a newborn’s nerves are damaged during delivery, the damage can inhibit the baby’s ability to control their facial muscles.

What Causes Facial Paralysis at Birth?

When complications during delivery occur due to long labors, improper use of forceps, or misuse of anesthesia or other medications, infants may suffer nerve damage that can reduce their ability to control the muscles in their face. This type of Kentucky birth injury can either last for the rest of their lives, diminish over time, or subside quickly.

If a doctor or nurse attempted to speed up the birth of your newborn during delivery by using forceps, they could have applied too much pressure on the infant’s body. When this happens, too much force or misuse of forceps can cause a nerve injury resulting in facial paralysis.

Although deliveries can run into complications, doctors and nurses trained in labor and delivery techniques should know what to do. These medical professionals are expected to help a mother and her newborn through the delivery process without making life-altering mistakes.

Treatment for Infant Facial Paralysis

If the paralysis is permanent, your newborn may need physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy for life. Sometimes, plastic surgery is needed to fix an eyelid that will not close. It is also possible that an infant will recover from this birth injury quickly without requiring any treatment.

Let a Skilled Birth Injury Lawyer Aid Your Recovery

If you believe that your doctor made a negligent mistake during your child’s birth, you may have a legal case. Consider contacting an experienced Northern Kentucky birth injury attorney to find out more about your rights and how your family may be able to obtain financial compensation.

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