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Could Spinal Birth Defects in Kentucky Be Caused By Medical Negligence?

When an infant is born with an illness or birth injury in Kentucky, the baby will need extra comfort, care and medical attention. Caring for a baby that is born with a spinal birth defect can be difficult and emotionally exhausting. A child with a birth injury will need extra attention, as they may be in pain or be easily irritated.

When a child has a spinal birth defect, it is known as spina bifida. This condition develops during pregnancy and occurs when an unborn baby’s vertebrae do not grow properly. It is one of the most common birth disorders with 1 out of every 1,000 infants suffering from spina bifida.

What are the symptoms of spina bifida?

Signs and symptoms of spina bifida can vary and include a collection of fat, a birthmark, or small dimple noticed above the infant’s spinal defect. In addition, a baby may have bladder and bowel problems. Other serious symptoms can include exposed spinal cord tissue, a sac protruding from the newborn’s back, and paralysis of the legs.

What causes spinal birth defects?

Sometimes this birth defect can occur due to medications women take during pregnancy or a lack of folic acid. Medical negligence can also be linked to this Northern Kentucky birth injury, as doctors and medical professionals can run tests during pregnancy to screen for irregularities. Doctors should run these tests to rule out spinal birth defects. Also, doctors should inform pregnant women not to take certain medications while pregnant. If your doctor told you it was fine to be on specific medications while you were pregnant that caused harm to your unborn child, then there may be medical negligence involved.

If you believe that your doctor did not provide you with sufficient medical care and your baby was born with a birth injury, you may have a medical malpractice claim against the negligent health care professional.

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