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Types of Kentucky Perinatal Injuries that Occur During Childbirth

Chances are, right at this very second, a baby is being born somewhere in this nation. Although this is a joyous time for the majority of mothers getting to hold their infants, it can also be a confusing and horrific time for a new mother who just found out her baby has suffered a birth injury in Northern Kentucky.Birth injury is also referred to as a perinatal injury, which involves any trauma or physical injury that a baby sustains during childbirth. These types of injuries often occur as a result of a doctor’s negligence, human error, misdiagnosis, or the improper use of forceps and vacuums during childbirth.

Some perinatal injuries in Kentucky that occur to a newborn include:

  • Skull fracture
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Facial paralysis
  • Brachial plexus palsy
  • Anoxia and hypoxia
  • Caput succedaneum
  • Cephalohematoma
  • Spinal injuries
  • Hematomas
  • Hemorrhages
  • Umbilical cord strangulation
  • Asphyxia


When a perinatal injury happens due to a doctor’s error, sometimes doctors or hospitals do not catch the injury. Sadly, many childbirth injuries go overlooked in the hospital, and the child’s parents are the ones who need to know what to look for.

If a parent sees an abnormality within the first few days or weeks of their baby’s life, they need to get their child to a doctor immediately, in order to get their child treated for a perinatal injury. These injuries should not be ignored, as they can cause further damage to the infant.

Sometimes, certain birth injuries in Northern Kentucky are treatable or go away on their own; however, other childbirth injuries are more severe and can cause permanent damage or even death of a child.

When a doctor’s negligence impacts the lives of innocent children, he should be held accountable for his negligence. If your child suffered a childbirth injury, find out how you can pursue a medical negligence claim against the doctor who acted negligently during your childbirth. You may be entitled to compensation for harm your baby was caused.

Our experienced Northern Kentucky birth injury attorneys at the law office of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson at (859) 578-4444 or (888) 606-5297 will help you get through this difficult time and help you fight for your rights to fair compensation. We will also provide you with a free legal consultation today.

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