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Developmental Delay is a Sign of a Kentucky Birth Injury

When your child doesn’t sit up as soon as the other children his or her age, you may not think much about it. When your child misses the milestone of rolling over or saying that precious first word, you might start to wonder what is going on. As more important developmental delays surface, you may begin to realize that something just isn’t right. What you might not realize is that the “something that just isn’t right” could be linked back to the time your child was born.

Signs to watch out for

It is normal for children to reach developmental milestones at different ages. Some children are just slower than others. However, if there is a significant delay in any of the following, it could indicate a serious medical problem:

  • Sitting up
  • Rolling over
  • Crawling
  • Talking
  • Walking

There could be many explanations of the development delays, including a genetic disorder or brain injury. Many times, the reason behind the delays has to do with the activities that occurred during the child’s birth.

Brain injuries at birth

A birth injury can cause serious damage to a child’s brain. When the brain is deprived of oxygen, it can ultimately lead to cerebral palsy, mental retardation or some other form of birth injury. A lot can go wrong during labor and delivery and if your doctor or the medical staff didn’t take prompt and appropriate action, your child may have suffered.

If you believe that your child’s developmental delays may be the result of a birth injury, you need to speak with a Kentucky birth injury lawyer immediately. You could be facing a lifetime of medical expenses and other costs as you care for your child. You owe it to yourself and your family to look into the cause of the delay and if possible, hold the negligent doctor and/or hospital liable for their actions.

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