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Did You Know That Pitocin Can Cause Serious Birth Injuries?

Your doctor may have prescribed the drug, pitocin or oxytocin, to help induce labor.  As a patient, you trusted that you were in good hands and that your doctor would not make a decision that would put you and your precious baby at risk.    What you probably didn’t realize when you were given oxytocin is that it has been widely recognized that patients have a wide range of reactions to this drug.

Due to the unpredictable response to oxytocin, medical providers should take caution when administering it.  For example, the drug should be administered safely, by slowly increasing doses.  In addition, both the mother and child must be closely monitored and so should the pattern of uterine contractions.

Dangers of Oxytocin
When oxytocin is improperly administered to induce labor, the outcome can be grave.  One of the notorious side effects of improper use of oxytocin is uterine hyperstimulation.  This condition occurs as the uterine muscles contract too frequently or do not relax between contractions.  As a result, the oxygen flow to the baby can be disrupted, putting the child at risk of hypoxia.

Unfortunately, uterine hyperstimulation isn’t the only danger associated with pitocin.  Uterine rupture is another significant risk.  It can occur when there is excessive force or stress from the uterine contractions, causing the uterus to tear. This situation can be deadly.

Some of the other complications that have been associated with the poor use of oxytocin include:

  • Brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
  • Death

What You Should Do
After a tragedy, such as a serious birth injury, it is often difficult knowing what to do.  If your child has suffered birth trauma, you might not know the cause.  An experienced Kentucky birth injury lawyer can review your case, free of charge, to help you get to the bottom of what happened during the labor and delivery that led to your child’s condition.

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