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am I responsible for expenses while litigating my case?

No. It is very expensive to finance a case during litigation. We understand that injured people and families are in no position to contribute to this cost. Instead, we agree to front the total cost of all expenses incurred during the prosecution of your case. We are repaid for this expense from the money recovered in the case only if we are successful.

If you accept my case, how do I pay your firm?

Once we take your case, we do not charge you an hourly rate or flat fee. In fact, unless we are able to settle your case or obtain a verdict at trial you will never pay us anything. Only if we are successful in your case do we charge a contingency fee which is a percentage of the total amount we recover for you. The percentage changes depending on the complexity and expense of the case.
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How much does it cost for your firm to review my case?

It will not cost you anything. No matter how complex your case is, or how much money we spend on experts to help us review it, we will never charge you to review your case. This is true even if we do not take your case.