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Kentucky Attorney Ronald Johnson files the first Lawsuit against “Body Shapes Medical”

Ronald Johnson, partner at The Law Offices of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson (SHJ) filed a complaint against the hormone clinic, 25 Again, formerly known as “Body Shapes Medical”.

The now widow of a Mr. David Lester, former basketball manager for the University of Louisville, came to SHJ to lodge this complaint because the untimely death of her husband never quite sat well with her.

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After only 10 months from the start of his treatment, David Lester suffered a fatal heart attack. A healthy male in his mid 50’s that simply sought information on how to lose a couple of pounds.

Mr. Lester began the hormonal treatment after a consultation with former 25 Again medical director, Dr. Elizabeth Bates, who recommended David be given testosterone to help him with his “weight loss”. This was recommended even though his Testosterone levels were perfectly normal.

Dr. Elizabeth Bates, lost her license to practice hormone medicine indefinitely following an anonymous was complaint given to the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure encouraged the board to investigate her negligent & seemingly fatal administering of supposed “treatments”.

Learn more about this story by visiting this article. “Kentucky stops ’25 Again’ doctor from practicing hormone therapy”

25 Again is a for-profit hormone treatment clinic that has offices located Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. They often advertise their products as ironically making you feel “25Again”, but at what cost and how long do you feel “25 Again”.

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