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How We Help Our Clients with Birth Injury Problems.

Waiting for the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time.  Anxious parents spend countless hours setting up the nursery, buying baby clothes and other items.  Many parents will conduct extensive research before choosing the doctor and hospital that will handle the delivery of their little one.  Unfortunately, for some families, when the baby arrives they experience heartache and anxiety as they cope with their infant’s birth injury.

Birth injuries happen too often in the United States.  It has been estimated that an average 6 to 8 birth injuries occur per 1,000 live births.  A birth injury caused by doctor’s negligence or hospital error is often preventable.  Doctors and hospitals sometimes make mistakes that can severely injure your infant.  When a doctor or hospital fails to provide adequate care to an expecting mother and unborn child, the infant can suffer birth trauma.  Some of the common causes of birth injury and trauma include: 

  • Delayed C-Section
  • Use of forceps or vacuum extraction
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Delayed birth

If your child has been the victim of birth injury or trauma, contact  the Law Office of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson at (859) 578-4444 or (888) 606-5297.  We have been representing families of injured children in Kentucky and Ohio for over 35 years.

Common Types of Birth Injury

  • Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong debilitating condition caused by brain injury that usually occurs during birth.  “Cerebral” refers to the brain, while “palsy” refers to a physical disorder.  This condition affects approximately 2 to 3 children out of every 1,000.   
  • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy is the result of damage to the cells in the central nervous system from lack of oxygen.  It is believed to cause death or lead to developmental delay, mental retardation or Cerebral Palsy. 
  • Brachial Plexus, Erb’s Palsy and Shoulder Dystocia are generally caused by a difficult delivery. These conditions can be the result of excessive pulling on the shoulders during a head first delivery or from pressure on the raised arms during a breech delivery. 

It costs millions of dollars to care for a disabled child over his or her lifetime.  For most families, this puts a tremendous strain on their finances, as they do everything possible to provide for their injured child.  If the doctor or hospital failed to provide the necessary care that could have prevented your baby’s injury, you may be entitled to compensation.  A successful birth injury lawsuit can result in a substantial amount of money that will help you provide excellent care for your child.

Legal Representation for Birth Injury Cases

The Law Office of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson, located in Fort Wright, Kentucky, is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured victims and their family members.  We define our success on our ability to help our clients.  As a client of our law firm, you will be working with experienced Ohio and Kentucky birth injury attorneys who understand the tremendous pain you and your family have suffered.  Since we narrowly tailor or practice to the areas in which we excel, we are able to devote a significant amount of time and resources to your case.  Our birth injury lawyers work together as a team to build a strong case on your behalf.  At any time you can call our office and talk with a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with your case. 

If your child has been injured during the birth process, contact us today at (859) 578-4444 or (888) 606-5297.  It takes time to review the evidence and prepare a solid case against the hospital or doctor, so do not delay in seeking legal advice.

The Law Office of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson represents clients located in Northern Kentucky, including Covington, Boone County, Kenton County and Campbell County.  We also handle cases in Louisville, Jefferson County and in areas of Ohio, including Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

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