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Cochlear Nucleus Implant Failures

Cochlear Americas notified the FDA in 2011 that there was a manufacturing problem with some of their Cochlear Nucleus Implants that could cause premature failure in the devices. It's now becoming clear that the problem was much more extensive than they admitted as devices continue to fail at a high rate.

Cochlear Americas farmed out the manufacturing of the feed-through for its Cochlear Nucleus ci512 implants. As a result of poor manufacturing, water can leak into the device causing device failure. Patients with defective Nucleus cochlear implants can experience shocks and need extensive treatment, including surgery, to remove the faulty device and install a new device.

Our experienced cochlear implant attorneys have successfully fought another cochlear manufacturer for the same defect. In that litigation, we received a $7.24 million jury verdict in the only case to go to trial. All of our other cases settled shortly thereafter. We are now aggressively seeking justice for those injured by Cochlear Americas' defective implants.

If you or a loved one had a Cochlear Nucleus ci512 implant fail, please call our experienced cochlear implant attorneys at (888) 606-5297 for a free evaluation of your potential Cochlear Nucleus lawsuit.

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