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Woman Breaks Her Fibula While Wearing Toning Shoes

Posted on Feb 19, 2011
Toning shoe manufacturers, such as Skechers, claim that the rolling action created by the unique design of their exercise shoes will tone leg and gluteal muscles by just wearing them.

Toning shoes, such as Skechers Shape-ups and MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) shoes, feature a curved sole with the lowest part in the middle of the foot. Toning shoes are designed to mimic walking barefoot on soft, uneven ground, such as sand.

However, with critics continuing to surface and challenge these claims, many more are voicing their concerns over the potential hazards toning shoes pose to wearers. Many medical experts suggest that the unstable design of toning shoes can lead to a serious foot, leg and Achilles heel injury for many consumers.

Recently, 54-year-old Maxine Ostwald, an experienced exerciser, turned her ankle and fell while wearing a pair of MBT toning shoes. Ms. Ostwald fell as she stepped down into her kitchen leaving her with a fractured fibula. She spent three to four weeks in a plaster cast.

“I’m giving up on MBT’s,” said Ms. Ostwald. “I’m far too frightened to put them on again. Apart from anything else, you are falling from a greater height than you would in normal shoes.”

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