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Two Related Crashes in Boone County Kill Two People

Posted on Oct 26, 2009
Two related Kentucky car accidents in Boone County result in two people being killed. Both crashes occurred along Interstate 275 on Sunday afternoon, October 18, 2009.

According to police, the first Boone County car accident took place at approximately 11:15 AM in the eastbound lane of I-275 at the 4 mile marker, near the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

William Bolton, 67, was driving a heavy duty pick-up truck when his vehicle lost control and veered off the roadway injuring the man. He was transported by Air Care to University Hospital where he is reported as suffering life-threatening injuries. Police have not determined why Bolton lost control of his truck.

Police were called to another wreck about 20 minutes later. A sport utility vehicle (SUV) occupied by Sam Roberts, 25, and Brittany Holtzman, 22, veered off the road way and reportedly flipped two and a half times. Roberts and Holtzman died at the scene when they both were ejected from the SUV. The second accident happened in the westbound lane of I-274 near the 4.6 mile marker, west of the airport exit.

According to police, the driver of the SUV became distracted and did not realize that traffic slowed down due to the first wreck. They lost control and veered off the interstate in an attempt to avoid the cars in front of them.

The northern Kentucky accidents are still under investigation by local authorities.

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