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Toning Shoes May Not Be For Everyone

Posted on Feb 03, 2011
Toning shoes, such as Shape-ups, which are manufactured by Skechers, may not be for everyone. Though, many shoe manufacturers claim that their toning shoes can improve your health just by wearing them, many experts are warning wearers of certain inherent risks to the popular shoes.

The hype has left consumers wondering whether toning shoes can truly slim down thighs, firm buttocks and tone calf muscles without having to step inside a gym. Skechers has even gone as far as claiming in their ads: “Now you can get in shape without setting foot in a gym.”

The jury is still out on whether toning shoes can deliver on those promises. Many remain skeptical. In the meantime, some medical experts have issued warnings that toning shoes may not be medically safe for everyone.

Consumers who suffer from tightened Achilles tendons or heel cords are warned that wearing toning shoes can intensify muscle problems and lead to serious injuries. Wearers should understand that toning shoes are not made for comfort, but for the purpose to exercise muscles.

Consumers are also encouraged to make sure that they stretch properly before exercising in toning shoes. This can help reduce their risk of suffering a foot injury while wearing the unique sneakers.

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