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“Toning Shoes” May Be Causing More Harm Than Good

Posted on Nov 12, 2010
“Toning shoes” have become the biggest craze in the $17 billion-a-year athletic footwear market. Consumers, especially females, are buying into the hype and purchasing the new toning shoes believing that the shoes will help them obtain shapely butts, legs and abs, without the need of a gym.

“EasyTone shoes help tone your butt and legs with every step,” Reebok claims.

“Get in shape without setting foot in a gym,” Skechers says. According to their website, Shape-ups will help you “Shape Up while you walk.”

However, many in the medical industry are skeptical of the claims made by the shoe manufacturers. Some have even gone as far as warning their patients that the use of the toning shoes may lead to injury.

One of the most common types of injuries that wearers may be susceptible to is a strained Achilles.

Wearing the shoes may also lead to a more serious injury, such as the one Alison Drury, of Louisville, sustained. Drury claims that she broke her right ankle during a mile-long walk when she awkwardly rolled over the outside of her foot. She was walking in Skechers Shape Up shoes at the time.

Critics have also attacked the notion that toning shoes can significantly contribute to a person’s fitness. According to Barbara de Lateur, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, the claim is “utter nonsense.”

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