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Toning Shoes Manufacturer Skechers on Both Ends of Lawsuits

Posted on Mar 11, 2011
Toning shoes manufacture Skechers, which produces Shape-ups, has filed a lawsuit against Sears Holdings Corp. for infringing on some of its patents and trademarks, including the toning shoes line. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California seeking damages resulting from the alleged infringements.

"While we value our relationship with Sears, their actions are causing us tremendous damage, and we simply cannot let any company, let alone a company the size of Sears, infringe on our most valuable intellectual property," said Philip Paccione, General Counsel for Skechers.

However, Skechers USA Inc. is no stranger to lawsuits. Recently, 38-year-old Holly Ward filed a lawsuit of her own claiming that her pair of Shape-ups resulted in stress fractures in both of her hips. She claims that her injury has resulted in regular physical therapy.

“The extended use of these shoes has injured me catastrophically,” Ms. Ward said.

Shape-ups, like other brands on toning shoes, feature a unique rounded sole that is supposedly designed to help tone muscles by mimicking walking on soft surfaces, such as sand. However, many experts believe that this unique feature can create instability for wearers and lead to possible foot or leg injuries.

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