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Toning Shoe Injuries Discussed on Good Morning America

Posted on Mar 04, 2011
While the debate still rages on whether toning shoes can truly get you in shape without stepping foot in a gym, as Skechers claims about their Shape-ups, more consumers are becoming concerned over whether toning shoes can cause serious injuries. One of our clients, an Ohio woman has filed a lawsuit against Skechers claiming that her pair of toning shoes led to hip fractures.

Holly Ward, 38, is suing the sneaker giant claiming that her pair of Shape-ups, which have a distinctive round sole designed to mimic walking on sand, caused her to develop stress fractures in both of her hips. Ms. Ward claims that she now has pins in her hips and is required to attend routine physical therapy sessions.

“The extended use of these shoes has injured me catastrophically,” Ms. Ward said on Good Morning America. “The femoral bone is the strongest bone in the human body and I fractured not one but two of them without being in a car crash or any traumatic incident.”

Skechers’ Shape-ups, which have been endorsed by celebrities, such as reality star Kim Kardashian and former NFL quarterback Joe Montana, have been advertised as being able to help you get in shape just by walking and able to reduce pain.

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