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Tiredness May Have Led to a Fiery Louisville Crash—Mom Puts Flames Out

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

A Louisville car crash that took place on Sunday, February 3, 2013, occurred after a father allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, but the mother’s quick actions saved her family. According to reports, this fiery crash occurred on I-64 early Sunday morning.

The family was headed back home to Louisville after a middle school wrestling tournament in Mount Sterling when this crash occurred and the car caught on fire. The father and two sons were in the car ahead, and the mother was following them in another vehicle. She told authorities that she saw the accident unfold in front of her.

The husband was driving a Ford Edge when the vehicle crashed into a semi-truck. Upon impact, the car was sent across the median and collided with another semi almost head on. Upon impact with this second tractor trailer, the Ford caught on fire. Debbie Branch, the wife and mother, tried to open the doors to the Ford but couldn’t. She then used Gatorade and water to put out the fire until rescue workers arrived at the accident scene. Her quick actions helped save her husband and two sons from the blaze.

According to authorities, it is suspected that driver Jeff Branch fell asleep at the wheel, which led to this wreck. Although the sons were not wearing their seat belts, they all survived this serious Northern Kentucky crash. The boys have already been treated and released, but Jeff Branch suffered serious injuries, as the left side of his body was crushed in the wreck. He is being treated at UK Medical Center.

According to family friend and Fern Creek Wrestling Head Coach Mark Hitchings, it was believed that Branch was up late working on the trophies for the wrestling tournament, got up early for the tournament, and then drove back late. Mr. Branch is the assistant wrestling coach for the middle school, and his son Jarred wrestled in the tournament.

Our Northern Kentucky accident attorneys at the Law Office of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson would like to wish Mr. Branch a complete and speedy recovery, and we would like to remind all motorists to pull over when they are tired so that they never drive drowsy.

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