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Thirteen Children Injured in Kentucky Bus Accident

Posted on Aug 25, 2009

Thirteen children were injured in a Kentucky bus accident when the bus was rear-ended on Highway 421 on August 20, 2009.

The bus crash occurred in Harlan, near Highway 38 when a truck smashed into the back of the bus around 6:30 AM.  At the time, the bus was carrying 35 kids to James A. Cawood elementary school. The bus was stopping at a railroad crossing when the pickup truck didn’t stop in time to avoid a collision.

Some of the children sustained injuries, including minor sprains, bumps and bruises.  Thirteen of the kids were taken to the Harlan ARH.  Tim Saylor, Harlan County Schools Superintendent, said that it was “mainly for protection reasons to make sure they were okay.”

The children were all treated and released from the hospital.  The bus did not sustain too much damage and was in good enough condition to take the rest of the children to school.  Although, it is going through routine tests to make sure it is okay to transport students again.

The accident showed the importance of allowing adequate space to stop behind a bus.  Kentucky state law requires that buses stop at railroad crossings.

According to officials, the roads were wet at the time of the bus crash.

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