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The Supposed Secret Behind Toning Shoes

Posted on Mar 12, 2011
Many marketing experts believe that it’s a great concept – simply lace up a pair of uniquely designed toning shoes and the sneakers will help you lose weight, firm up and get in shape without stepping foot inside a gym.

According to toning shoe manufacturer Skechers, which produces Shape-us, it may be that simple. As a matter of fact, Skechers claim in their ads that- “Now you can get in shape without setting foot in a gym.”

So, what’s the secret to the supposed physical benefits of toning shoes? Toning shoes, such as Shape-ups, have a uniquely designed rounded sole that is intended to simulate walking on soft surfaces, such as sand. Every step you take in toning shoes is supposed to utilize more of your leg muscles than other shoes and help you get in better shape.

However, many medical experts are voicing their concerns about the safety of wearing toning shoes. Doctors at Family Foot Clinic are warning consumers who already have existing foot problems not to wear toning shoes.

“It’s a fairly unstable shoe,” Dr. Jonathan Stroebel, a doctor at Family Foot Clinic, said. “Certain problems associated with the shoes can be fairly significant. The main issue with the shoe is the soft heel, forcing the heel in that downward position.”

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