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Students Get Lesson in Distracted Driving to Reduce KY Car Accidents

Posted on Oct 06, 2012

School is back in session, and Kentucky students got their first distracted driving message of the school year from Cody Beerthuis, a front seat passenger who was involved in a tragic distracted driving accident.

He told students that he, his friend, and his friend’s girlfriend were involved in the car crash due to distracted driving. Sadly, he watched his friend’s girlfriend bleed to death after she had cut her torso in the wreck. His friend was in a coma for three months and now lives with brain damage.  

Although Kentucky’s laws make it illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to operate a car while using a personal communication device, many teen drivers still do. Whether they text while driving, email, talk on their cell phones, or check Facebook and other sites from their smartphones, many drivers participate in distracted driving in Kentucky.

This is why Cody shared his story and emphasized the message during his presentation that distracted driving can kill. He also had teens operate a driving simulator as a distracted driver to show them the reality of driving distracted and how it can lead to a Kentucky auto accident.  

The lessons the students learned in this demonstration are important because it shows kids what can happen when a driver is not focused on the road. When people are engaged in conversation or a text, they may be more likely to not see something that takes place right in front of them, have slower reflexes, or crash into another car. For this reason, Cody provided tips to alleviate being tempted by the cell phone while driving. These tips include:

  • Leave your cell phone where you can’t see it or get to it while driving.
  • Turn the volume off and notifications off so you can’t hear it while driving.
  • If a passenger is in your vehicle, ask them to text for you.

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