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Skechers Responds to ABC About Shape-Up Injury Case

Posted on Mar 06, 2011
Our client, an Ohio woman, has filed a lawsuit against Skechers, which manufactures Shape-ups. She believes that her pair of toning shoes resulted in stress fractures in both of her hips. Holly Ward, 38, says that she now has pins in her hips and her condition requires her to routinely attend physical therapy.

Ms. Ward recently appeared on Good Morning America where she described her injury. Ms. Ward, who worked as a waitress, indicated that she wore the toning shoes for work and after five months, developed severe pain.

“The extended use of these shoes has injured me catastrophically,” Ms. Ward told Good Morning America. “The femoral bone is the strongest bone in the human body and I fractured not one but two of them without being in a car crash or any traumatic incident.”

“Since this lawsuit is brand new, we have not had an opportunity to review Ms. Ward's allegations,” Skechers told ABC. “Millions of people wear Shape-ups without experiencing what Ms. Ward alleges.”

Skechers also told ABC that they would take a closer look at Ms. Ward’s lawsuit before commenting on it.

Skechers claim that their toning shoes, Shape-ups, can help wearers get in shape without stepping foot in a gym. Many consumers have become skeptical of these claims, even showing concern over the possibility that their toning shoes can lead to injuries.

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