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Patients having trouble with medical bills

Posted on Jul 21, 2009
Attorney Ronald E. Johnson of Schachter & Hendy concentrates on legal issues surrounding children's injuries.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, thousands of patients are having problems with their medical bills because Norton, Louisville's largest health-care provider, severed relations with Anthem insurance coverage on July 1st.

The severed relationship resulted in more than 300,000 patients with Anthem or Blue Cross-Blue Shield paying higher out of network rates for procedures, according to the article.

The situation is particularly difficult for parents whose children need hospital care, according to the Courier-Journal article. Parents aren't sure if they should go ahead with health care or risk not being able to pay medical bills and filing bankruptcy, said the article.

The Courier-Journal article said that Norton and Anthem have had contract disputes which led to the break-up of their relationship.

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