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Pain Pumps Misused in Young Female Athletes' Knees

Posted on May 11, 2010
Our law firm is currently representing a case against Breg, Inc., a manufacturer of pain pumps. According to the lawsuit filed on behalf of our clients, Breg marketed the product to be used in a procedure that was not approved by the FDA, which led to chondrolysis.

Three of the victims, Colleen McLain, Brittany Hamilton and Christina Schumacher, were all student athletes at Olentangy High School in Ohio. They suffered ACL tears while participating in their school’s athletic programs.

Following their surgeries, pain pumps were used to treat the pain. The catheter portion of the pain pump was injected directly into the knee joints to deliver a local anesthetic. However, the FDA never approved the procedure which led to chondrolysis or the deterioration of the cartilage in the victim’s knees.

This is not the only reported incident that pain pumps were used incorrectly. Several shoulder pain pump manufacturers are facing hundreds of lawsuits claiming that the misuse of the devices led to chondrolysis in the victim’s shoulders. Several of these cases have been settled.

Though, Berg Inc. and other manufacturers told doctors that the pumps could be used for joint related surgeries, they claim that they never instructed doctors on how to use the pumps.

Unfortunately, our clients can no longer participate in collegiate sports. One of the victims will have to undergo a total knee replacement surgery.

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