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No Convincing Evidence That Toning Shoes Work

Posted on Jan 22, 2011
Shoe manufacturers, such as Skechers, are dominating the advertising market with the intent to lure consumers into purchasing their toning shoes. They are making claims that their products can help you get in shape without having to step inside a gym.

Many consumers are left wondering if these claims could possibly be true. Consumers wonder if toning shoes can really make their legs and buttocks toner just by wearing them.

According to the numbers provided by the market-research group NPD Group, the ads have been a huge success. In the first three quarters of 2010, consumers spent approximately $579 million on toning shoes, which is up from $145 million for all of 2009.

Toning shoes are specifically designed to simulate walking barefoot or walking on an uneven surface, such as sand. Manufacturers claim that the unstable shoe design forces wearers to use their leg muscles more, resulting in toner muscles and more calories spent with every step. However, many medical experts are skeptical.

“Despite the claims, there is no convincing evidence that wearing toning shoes will make your legs more toned or cause you to burn extra calories,” says Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.

Hurt by toning shoes?
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