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New “Toning Shoes” May Be Dangerous

Posted on Nov 06, 2010
Many medical experts are warning consumers that the new “toning shoes” designed to help people get in shape and tone muscles while walking may cause more harm than good. Skechers, the market leader, claims that you can “get in shape without setting foot in a gym.”

The new sneakers are designed to tone muscles, reduce weight and improve the wearer’s posture. Many customers, mostly women, who spend a great deal of time on their feet are becoming quick converts. Many of them are teachers, food servers and nurses.

Toning shoes feature a rounded sole that supposedly stretches the wearers’ leg muscles with each stride they take. Manufacturers claim that the shoes can lead to more shapely buttocks, legs and abs. They are also leaving consumers with the impression that the shoes may eliminate the need for the gym by offering similar results.

However, many medical professionals aren’t convinced of the claims made by shoe companies, such as Skechers and Reebok, and are warning their patients that the use of toning shoes may lead to an injury.

Bryan Markinson, chief of podiatric medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, believes that some of his patients who may not be in the “greatest of shape” may have inflamed their Achilles tendons while wearing toning shoes. He even warns consumers that they should consider an “active stretching program” before buying the shoes.

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