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New Balance Faces Lawsuit over Toning Shoe Ads

Posted on Jan 14, 2011
New Balance Inc. faces a class action lawsuit over ads pertaining to their Truebalance toning shoes line. The suit accuses the show manufacturer of making false claims in regards to the benefits that their toning shoes offer wearers.

The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts by consumer Bistra Pashamova. The suit was filed on behalf of any consumers who have purchased New Balance Truebalance toning shoes or any of the other toning footwear lines manufactured by New Balance Inc.

The suit is a result of ads by New Balance claiming that their toning shoes can result in 29 percent more total muscle activation as well as a 10 percent increase in calorie burning. New Balance is accused of false advertising, breach of express warranty and unjust enrichment for their toning footwear ads.

The suit alleges that scientific studies, such as the one conducted by the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse that was published in the American Council on Exercise, do not support the claims made by New Balance’s ads. The complaint also alleges that the shoe manufacturer’s ads omit concerns that some medical professionals have raised concerning the safety of toning shoes.

Truebalance toning shoes cost at least $85 and the flip-flops cost around $45. The suit is seeking to recover the costs of the footwear on behalf of the consumers.   

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