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More Concerns About Toning Shoes

Posted on Feb 16, 2011
As the popularity of toning shoes continues to skyrocket, the debate still rages over whether toning shoes, such as Shape-ups manufactured by Skechers, really deliver on their promises.

Many toning shoe manufacturers are touting toned thighs, firmer buttocks and a slimmer waistline just by wearing their sneakers. Skechers has even gone as far as to imply that you can get in shape just by wearing their Shape-ups without having to step foot inside a gym.

Though, many critics dismiss these claims, there seems to be more concern over the potential safety issues associated with toning shoes. Critics are concerned that warnings of the potential hazards of falling while donning a pair of toning shoes have been neglected. Many medical experts are concerned that the unstable design of the shoes might put some wearers at risk of suffering a serious foot or Achilles heel injury.

Judith Halek, 55, of New York, fractured her left fibula while wearing a pair of Skechers Shape-ups. Ms. Halek fell after her foot turned inwards as she stepped from a concrete sidewalk onto the road.

“I was carrying some cases that were not huge, but bulky,” said Ms. Halek. “I was calm and relaxed, I wasn’t hurrying. I stepped out with my left foot and my ankle just caved in on itself.”

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