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Louisville Rollover Crash Results in EMS Worker Off the Job

Posted on Sep 08, 2011
A Louisville crash involving a Metro EMS vehicle caused a rollover on July 21, 2011 at I-65 and the Gene Snyder Freeway.

Police first believed the accident occurred due to a drunken driving incident and began an investigation into Major Roger Parvin, the EMS worker involved in the crash. At first, Parvin was suspended without pay but now, in light of new drug information, Parvin has been fired from his job.

On the day of the accident, officials indicated that Parvin was not responding to an emergency; however, he was in uniform.

Officials took a drug test and Parvin's results raised enough suspicion that he was fired from his job. Interestingly, Parvin was in charge of tracking all controlled major substances used by Metro EMS.

After this investigation, authorities discovered that Parvin was taking expired drugs that were supposed to be given to the police. Parvin later admitted that he took the painkiller Oxycontin without a prescription the weekend before the crash.

Also, according to Metro EMS director Dr. Neal Richmond, Parvin hit a couple mailboxes and a parked car in his neighborhood on a separate occasion. Parvin also admitted to taking Oxycontin the weekend prior to that accident as well.

Metro police are presenting the case to the Commonwealth's attorney, but it could go before the grand jury.

In addition to this accident, there was a previous accident involving another Metro EMS worker just one week prior. Also, five Metro EMS employees were suspended two weeks ago, also without pay. There is no further information on the matter.

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