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Louisville Crashes

Posted on Sep 01, 2011
On Wednesday, August 10, 2011, a semi truck crashed in Louisville on Interstate 71, causing major traffic delays.

Authorities reported that the semi crashed into a car on the ramp leading from Interstate 71 southbound toward westbound Watterson expressway. When the truck and car collided, the tractor-trailer jack-knifed and scattered debris all over the road.

After this Louisville truck accident, crews spent hours cleaning up the debris from the road, and Louisville police took hours repairing the damaged guardrail.

Because the crash occurred around 5:30 a.m., the morning commute in this area was seriously impacted. Interstate 71 wasn't reopened until 7:30 a.m., and the ramp was re-opened at around 9:45 a.m.

Another traffic accident occurred in the same area later that day. This crash caused the same ramp from I-71 south to I-264 west to be closed again.

Due to these two separate wrecks, traffic was backed up in the area for the majority of the morning. Traffic was routed along I-71 south to Zorn Ave where drivers turned around and took I-71 north to I-264 west. However, the northbound lanes of I-71 were closed for a short period of time, causing major delays in the area.

According to MetroSafe, there were no reported injuries that resulted from any of these wrecks, which the Kentucky accident attorneys of Schachter, Hendy, & Johnson are glad to hear.

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