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Jogger Seriously Injured in Lexington Pedestrian Accident

Posted on Apr 03, 2012
Recently, a former Lexington police officer was arrested for hitting a jogger on Lexington’s Legacy Trail. This Lexington pedestrian accident occurred on Wednesday evening and caused serious injuries to the jogger.

Keith M. Todd, a 42-year-old former Lexington police officer, was the driver involved in this crash. Lexington Police indicated that Mr. Todd was driving a white 2001 Mercedes around 6:40 PM. However, they are unclear how he got onto the trail in North Lexington. The trail is not designed for vehicles, as it is a walking, jogging, and bicycling trail, which is why it would be hard for a vehicle to get on the trail.

When police arrived on scene, Mr. Todd told them that he thought he was on a back road heading to New Circle Road. Allegedly, his car drove up behind two women who were walking and jogging on the trail. The women did not hear the car coming, and one woman was thrown into the windshield of the vehicle. The other woman was not hit.

Penelope R. Bently, the jogger who was hit by Todd, was seriously injured and transported to University of Kentucky Hospital where she had surgery. She was listed in serious condition on Thursday. 

Sherelle Roberts, a Lexington police spokeswoman, confirmed that Keith M. Todd worked at the department previously but left in 2010. 

Police suspect alcohol was a factor in this crash. Police state that they smelled alcohol and that Mr. Todd failed the sobriety test they gave him at the accident scene. According to the report, Todd refused to take the blood test. He was taken to Fayette County jail after a breath test showed his blood alcohol level to be .084.

Police have charged him with DUI and assault in addition to charges for hitting the pedestrian with his vehicle on the bicycle path. 

Our Lexington accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Schachter, Hendy, & Johnson would like to wish the injured jogger a fast and full recovery.

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