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Instant noodle soup cups tip over causing severe burns

Posted on Dec 05, 2011
Burn units across the country are reporting that every week children are suffering severe burns from cups of instant noodle soup. Most burn units are reporting that they see several of these types of injuries every week.

Dr. David Greenhalgh, Chief of Burns at Shriner's Hospital for Children in Northern California, found that the danger from these soups is directly related to the design of the cup. Many of the cups are tall, lightweight and have an unstable base. This design was three times more likely to tip over and spill hot liquid and noodles than short cups with a wide stable base.

The noodle soup delivers particularly serious burns. The sticky noodles cling to the skin causing a more serious burn than hot liquid alone. Dr. Warren Garner, director fo the burn unit at University of Southern California's County Hospital in Los Angeles, reports that one in five children that he sees with burns from instant noodle soup end up needing surgery and face the prospect of permanent scarring.

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