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How Dangerous is AndroGel? Very, According to Doctors.

Sarah N. Emery
Associate Attorney at Schachter Hendy & Johnson PSC
Posted on Apr 07, 2014

St. Louis doctors are debating the need for a black box warning on testosterone drugs, like AndroGel. Recent studies have reported an association between the use of AndroGel and increased risk of death, heart attack or stroke.

Wash U and Barnes Jewish chief of urology Dr. Gerald Andriole is cautious about using testosterone. “Young men who don’t have any cardiovascular risk, if in fact they have low testosterone and they’re suffering because of it, i think it’s reasonable for them to receive a replacement,” Andriole says.

On the other hand, Andriole says older men who have preexisting cardiovascular disease should be a little more wary about starting testosterone treatment, and be carefully monitored if using it.

Dr. George Thampy is an endocrinologist at St. Anthony’s Medical Center. “We look at all these studies and make our own judgments,” he says. “From our perspective, yes, there is a need for testosterone replacement, but we have to monitor it very carefully.”

It is precisely this carful monitoring that has been missing from the use of AndroGel and other testosterone replacement therapy drugs.

If you or a loved one had a stroke, pulmonary embolism, heart attack or blood clot while taking AndroGel, please call our experienced AndroGel attorneys at (888) 606-5297 for a free consultation about your potential AndroGel lawsuit.

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