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Fox News Warns AndroGel Causes Serious Health Problems

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

Recently Fox News questioned the status of AndroGel and other testosterone medications as a fountain of youth. Testosterone has become one of the go-to prescriptions for men in their 50s and older. Some men even call it the “fountain of youth,” but studies show that we need to weigh the risks and the benefits for patients.

Men’s natural testosterone levels decrease about 1 percent each year starting at the age of 35. So, by the time they hit their 50s, patients often complain of symptoms like low libido, fatigue, memory loss and a loss of desire to socialize.

When patients bring these issues to the attention of their doctors, they are often prescribed testosterone treatments in the form of a gel, injections or a patch. But recent studies are finding that testosterone can cause serious health problems, including a stroke, blood clot and heart attack. These studies have prompted the FDA to re-evaluate the safety of testosterone medications, like AndroGel.

If you or a loved one have suffered a stroke, blood clot or heart attack after taking a testosterone medication, like AndroGel, please call our experienced AndroGel attorneys  at (888) 606-5927 for a free consultation regarding your potential AndroGel lawsuit.

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