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FDA seeking input from public on tobacco use

Posted on Jul 01, 2009
Attorney Ronald E. Johnson of Schachter & Hendy concentrates on legal issues surrounding children's injuries.

President Obama signed the recently approved legislation that allows the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate tobacco products. The FDA announced on July 1st that they are seeking input from the public to get their stories on smoking, tobacco products, and tobacco marketing.  All these comments will be posted online at the FDA website.

The legislation was approved after Congress became concerned about the effect of tobacco marketing on children and adolescents. Smoking at a young age is a serious health issue for the U.S. Research says that every day 1,000 children under 18 will start smoking tobacco, according to data kept by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Children are also affected by second-hand smoke and this is also an area of concern from a public health perspective.

The American Association of Pediatricians (AAP) quotes a National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that 54% of American children have tried smoking by the 12th grade, and 24% are current smokers. Research also indicates that smoking at a young age leads to smoking into adulthood.

The American Association of Pediatricians (AAP) is concerned about the prevalence of smoking among young people. They said it contributes to poor grades in school, and can lead to other addictions. They want pediatricians to be on the alert for child and teen smoking and provide treatment.

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