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Defective and Dangerous Equipment Has Caused Kentucky Crashes

Posted on Aug 17, 2012

It’s not always reckless or distracted drivers who cause car accidents in Kentucky and across this nation. Sometimes dangerous equipment and defective car parts have led to serious auto accidents. Most recently, Toyota and Ford have recalled some of their vehicles due to dangerous equipment. 

Ford Recall

Ford Motor Co. recently recalled their brand-new 2013 Escape, which is equipped with a 1.6-liter four cylinder engine. The problem is that there have been three reports of fires – two at the factory and one while a customer was driving. They are reporting that no one has been injured, but the fuel lines can crack and spill gasoline that could cause an engine fire. If you are one of the owners of the brand-new Escape, return to the dealer immediately for the repair. 

Toyota Recall

Toyota recalled approximately 144,000 Lexus SUVs – the 2010 Lexus RX 350 and Lexus RX 450h – because of reports of serious injuries and deaths from sudden acceleration. This occurs when the gas pedal sticks and a driver is unable to control the vehicle. Authorities are not sure if the floor mat is entrapping the accelerator or if the problem is with the car’s computer. 

Toyota denied that they had a sudden acceleration problem for years, but they then began recalling the affected cars in January 2010. At that point, they recalled over 10 million potentially dangerous vehicles. Now their latest recall suggests that this problem may not be resolved. 

Many people have claimed to be injured or that their loved ones have died in car crashes due to Toyota’s sudden acceleration defect. 

If you or a loved one has been injured by defective and dangerous vehicle equipment, call our caring Kentucky products liability lawyers at the Law Offices of Schachter, Hendy, & Johnson today at 888-606-5297.

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