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Deer Traffic Is Up – Causing Ohio & Northern Kentucky Auto Accidents

Posted on Nov 13, 2012

Every November, deer sightings increase because it is the month that deer mate and feed to prepare for the winter months ahead. Because of this, they are more active, especially at dusk and dawn. With more deer activity and deer traffic increasing, more deer and auto accidents occur in Northern Kentucky and Ohio.

Officials are warning motorists of this concern and are urging drivers to be on the lookout for deer wandering into the streets and along highways. Lt. Anne Ralston, a spokeswoman with the Ohio Highway Patrol, stated, “We know that with the deer-mating season, they’re going to be on the move. We see an uptick in deer crashes.”

Because of the increase in movement, deer present a threat to motorists. In fact, November has been known as the month with the highest number of deer-vehicle crashes in Kentucky, according to Tina Brunjes, deer and elk program coordinator for the Kentucky wildlife department.

Some numbers from last November include:

  • 606 deer-vehicle crashes in Hamilton County, Ohio occurred in November 2011, according to Ohio Insurance Institute. State Farm Insurance ranked Ohio as a high-risk state for this type of crash, as Ohio reported 22,696 deer-vehicle accidents statewide in 2011.
  • 141 deer-vehicle collisions in Boone County, Kentucky took place in November 2011. Boone County ranked the highest out of the Northern Kentucky counties for these types of crashes. State Farm ranked Kentucky a medium-risk state for deer-vehicle collisions, as Kentucky annually averages about 3,000 such accidents statewide.


Because there are substantial deer herds in Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati, our Ohio and Northern Kentucky accident attorneys are urging all motorists to drive defensively.

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