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Consumer Product Safety Commission reports injuries from Skechers ShapeUps

Posted on May 11, 2011
Here are examples of some of the reports on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

I am 41 years old. I purchased a pair of Sketcher Shape-ups last year. I was recovering from a Pulmonary embolism and in rehab. I bought the shoes for comfort and if they helped me get back into shape while rehabbing my lungs that was a bonus. Around Thanksgiving of last year, I started noticing I was having a lot of pain in my legs. I thought maybe the rehab was a little much I had worked my way up to twice a week for 40 minutes each day. By Christmas, I was barely able to walk. People on my job were telling me to seriously think about going out on disability, because I looked horrible and in severe pain, which I was. The pain has intensified over the next few months. My doctor thought it was an allergic reaction to some medication, she took me off of it, but the pain was still there. My knees and feet were swelling so much that doctor and family thought my legs and feet would explode from the pressure or they would have to make cuts in my legs and feet to drain off the excess fluid. My toes looked like tiny stuffed sausages sitting under a honeydew melon. I am taking Viocodin for the pain, can't take any hard stuff - Motrin and others. The pain keeps me up at night, my knees pop and lock all day long. There's burning up and down my thighs and the muscles in my thighs feel flexed and tight all the time. Finally doctor sent me to physical therapist and knee specialist, after cortisone shots in both knees and X-rays showing no damage pain was back after a week. After weeks of suffering and more tests, been diagnosed with Petella Tendonisist. It's so severe that now I have to walk with a cane and if there is no progress on next visit, may have to put my leg in brace and use crutches to get around. I never had pain or problems like this with my knees until I starting wearing those blasted Sketcher Shape-Up shoes!

Purchased and wore Tone-ups sandals by Skechers last summer. After a few weeks of wearing the sandals I tore my right calf muscle on a walk. I did not realize it was the shoes that caused the tear until I again put the sandals on this spring and very soon after developed achilles tendonitis and hip pain in the piriformis. I am an athlete, runner, gymnast, etc. and have never had such injuries until I wore these sandals. I am now in physical therapy and trying to recover while having to sideline my physical activities until I can heal.

I have a pair of sketcher roll type shoes. I had been rolling on them all day because this is suppose to help tone your legs. I had just gotten home from work and was going out the back door on to the deck to talk to my husband. As I opened the back door I rolled my foot forward, the shoe got stuck in the door and I lost my footing and fell. My foot was facing backward and my back was hurting so my husband called the ambulance. At the hospital they had to put me to sleep to reset my big bone that runs from my knee to my foot. I had to see a orthopedic who did sugery on me. I have a pilor fracture with other complications and will not be able to work for at least 3 months IF all goes well. I also will have to have alot of therapy so I can walk on this foot again. I have a metal plate and 13 screws, at this time I have 15 staples on the outside of my leg and 12 staples on the inside of my leg. This is very painful and depressing. If this shoe had not made me trip I wouldn't be going through all this pain.

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