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Concerns Over Skechers “Shape-ups” Toning Shoes

Posted on Nov 30, 2010
Skechers has become an industry giant in the “toning shoes” market. They are making money hand over fist with the development of their “Shape-ups” toning shoes.

According to their ads: “Now you can get in shape without setting foot in a gym.”

Skechers’ website says Shape-ups will help you “Shape Up While You Walk” by toning your butt, leg and abdominal muscles, burning calories, fighting cellulite, improving your posture and circulation and reducing knee joint stress.

However, many are not buying into the hype, including many medical professionals who are issuing warnings to people who are wearing toning shoes.

According to Eric Heit, DPM, one of his patients, Brenda Mora, who walks on a concrete floor all day at her job, claimed that her knees and lower back started to hurt as soon as she started wearing the Shape-ups shoes.

“They were really wobbly and you could easily trip with them,” Moa says. “I felt like I was drunk all the time. I’m not a fan of these shoes. I wouldn’t buy another pair.”

Venus Morga, of California, recently filed a class action lawsuit against Skechers claiming that she did not experience any of the promised benefits after wearing a pair of Shape-ups. Her complaint also alleges that some people have been injured by wearing the Skechers toning shoes.

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