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Causes of School Bus Accidents in Northern Kentucky

Posted on Sep 30, 2012

During this past month, school started in Northern Kentucky, which means more school buses on the road. According to district officials, there are tens of thousands of students back at school with hundreds of school buses to transport them. In the districts of Kenton, Campbell, and Boone counties, 600 bus routes combined are run per day to transport approximately 40,000 students in those districts. 

State police are urging drivers to be cautious and mindful while driving, especially while driving near school buses. This includes avoiding texting while driving or any other distracted driving activity that could contribute to a Northern Kentucky crash with a school bus. Police are also urging motorists to stop at all stop signs and obey the law in order to keep the children safe. 

In 2011, there were 1,627 school-bus-related accidents in Kentucky that caused five deaths and 506 injuries. These statistics include injuries to children on buses and those that occurred near the bus. 

The transportation directors in the three county school districts mentioned above have stated that the major concern they have each year is drivers ignoring the stop sign that extends from the bus. This stop sign comes out when children are being picked up or dropped off, and drivers are supposed to stop until the stop sign is retracted. 

Gerald Turner, transportation director for the Kenton County School District, said, “People are in a hurry, so they go around it. It’s a scary thing.”  The stop sign is for the cars directly behind the bus, but it is also for the cars driving in the opposite direction of a school bus on a two- or three-lane road. Drivers traveling in the opposite direction of a school bus do not have to stop on a road of four or more lanes.

Other safety concerns that have led to crashes include car drivers tailgating, failing to yield the right of way, and trying to flag down the bus so a late child can get on it.  

Our Northern Kentucky accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Schachter, Hendy, & Johnson would like to remind drivers to be extra careful this school year, especially when driving around school buses and in school zones.

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