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Black Ice Led to Multiple Louisville Auto Accidents

Posted on Jan 03, 2012
Thursday, December 8th, 2011, proved to be a hazardous commute for Louisville drivers. Black ice coated the roadways making the roads slippery, and it caused traffic to back up and many accidents in Metro Louisville to occur.

It was the first ice to coat the roadways in Louisville this winter season, and it was a surprise for many unprepared drivers and those unaware of the hidden dangers of black ice. No one was expecting the roadways to be covered in black ice this early in the season.

Interstate 64 eastbound was closed for a short time period due to multiple crashes that occurred within minutes of each other. Four crashes were caused due to the black ice on I-64, backing up traffic for miles.

Tim Emington, TRIMARC Operations Manager, said that there had been over 20 crashes in Louisville by 8:30 AM. TRIMARC keeps tabs on the roadways, and they have many cameras and sensors to help notify drivers of potential dangers. They deployed salt trucks and emergency crews following wreck after wreck that morning.

Emington wants to remind drivers to “be cognizant that moisture can form on the roadways and that moisture can turn to ice very, very rapidly and become extremely hazardous conditions.”

The attorneys with Schachter, Hendy, & Johnson would like to remind drivers to slow down and be cautious of road conditions this winter in order to minimize potential Louisville auto accidents. We would also like to wish everyone involved in these recent accidents a fast and full recovery.

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