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Are There Hidden Dangers Behind “Toning Shoes?”

Posted on Nov 19, 2010
“Toning shoes” have become the biggest craze in the multi-billion dollar sneaker industry. Many of the toning shoe manufacturers promise to give you a workout while you walk.

Sketchers, which manufacturers Shape-ups shoes, claim in their ads: “Now you can get in shape without setting foot in a gym.”

However, many critics contest these claims. Some even go as far as warning wearers of potential dangers relating to toning shoes.

Many medical experts believe that since toning shoes are designed to be unstable that it could create additional problems for elderly people and individuals who already have trouble maintaining their balance. It is believed that wearing the shoes can increase a person’s risk of falling and becoming seriously injured.

Toning shoes, with their “rocker-bottom” soles, are designed to mimic walking barefoot in the sand.

According to Eric Heit, DPM, head of the podiatry section at Seattle’s Virginia Mason Medical Center, one of his patients complained of knee and back pain as soon as she started wearing Shape-ups shoes.

A California woman recently filed a class action lawsuit against Sketchers claiming that the pair of Shape-ups shoes that she purchased did not provide the benefits that the shoe manufacturer promised.

A recent American Council on Exercise (ACE) study found that there was no difference between regular running shoes and any of the toning shoes they sampled when it came to calories burned, muscle activity, heart rate and the amount of oxygen consumed by test runners.

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