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AndroGel Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack

Sarah N. Emery
Associate Attorney at Schachter Hendy & Johnson PSC
Posted on Apr 09, 2014

A study reveals that in men with preexisting diagnosed heart disease, the risk of a heart attack following the use of AndroGel and other testosterone replacement therapy medications is substantially increased.

Researchers at the US National Cancer Institute and the University of California, Los Angeles conducted a study of the risk of acute nonfatal heart attack following an initial AndroGel or testosterone prescription in 55,593 patients. The results showed that the risk of nonfatal heart attack was higher by 36% in the postprescription period, and that the risk tended to increase with age. For men 65 and older, the risk after an AndroGel or testosterone prescription was filled was more than doubled, compared with that in the year before the prescription. The increased risk was no longer apparent following a 90 day period without a refill. In men under age 65 years, excess risk was confined to those with a prior history of heart disease. The study was published on January 29, 2014, in PLoS One.

“Exogenous testosterone is associated with physiologic changes that predispose to clotting and thrombotic disorders, including increased blood pressure, polycythemia, reductions in HDL cholesterol, and hyperviscosity of the blood and platelet aggregation,” concluded lead author Robert Hoover, MD, ScD, of the NCI, and colleagues. “Testosterone therapy also increases circulating estrogens, which may play a role in the observed excess of adverse cardiovascular-related events, given that estrogen therapy has been associated with this excess in both men and women.”

As a result of this and other studies, the US Food and Drug Administration is investigating the risk of cardiovascular disease and death associated with AndroGel and other testosterone therapies.

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