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Planning to Shape Up for the New Year with Your Toning Shoes You Got for Christmas? Think Again!

You may have opened up a beautifully wrapped package on Christmas morning to find Skechers Shape-Ups, also known as toning shoes. Before you find out if the shoe fits, it is important that you first read this article about these types of shoes.
The claim that manufacturers of toning shoes make is that their shoes help to make those who wear their products develop muscle tone and slim legs and calves. Manufacturers of toning shoes, also known as “rocker bottom shoes” and “wellness shoes,” also claim that the shoes help improve a person’s balance, stimulate one’s metabolism, and increase muscle activation. However, studies haven’t proven that toning shoes have significantly increased muscle activation or exercise response during treadmill trials.
This scientific research doesn’t just apply to Skecher Shape-Ups, but it also includes Reebok EasyTones, Keds Sport, New Balance, MBTs, and Crocs.
So, what does this mean?

There is simply not enough evidence to support the claims from these manufacturers. However, companies like Skechers continue to use celebrities to advertise their Shape-Ups, sending the message that consumers could have a body like a celebrity if they wear their toning shoes.

Although Reebok settled a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit for $25 million in September 2011, Skechers is still at the forefront in federal court regarding injuries sustained from consumers wearing Shape-Ups.

In fact, Consumer Reports identified Skechers as the brand that has more injury reports than any of the other toning shoe companies. Injuries generally consist of broken hips, sprained or broken ankles, fall injuries, or pain in the heel and calf.


Skechers Goes to Court

The Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation approved that lawsuits against Skechers could be consolidated into one Kentucky court district. This ruling came on December 16, 2011, which was well after multiple lawsuits were already filed against Skechers and after a Louisville woman alleged that her broken ankle was the result of wearing Skechers toning shoes.

There are so many victims of toning shoe injuries, and some consumers are just now coming forward about their injuries after wearing Shape-Ups. The total number of victims is still unfolding as more people are discovering their toning shoe injuries in Kentucky, Ohio, and across the nation.

If you have suffered an injury while wearing toning shoes, call the law office of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson at (859) 578-4444 or (888) 606-5297 to talk with an experienced Northern Kentucky injury lawyer. You will receive a free legal consultation by calling today.

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