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Lessons Learned from Skechers – Shoe Companies Shouldn’t Make False Health Claims

Skechers has been at the forefront of news reports for its claims that their popular Shape-Ups would tone the muscles of those who wore them and help them look like the celebrities in the television commercials. Although there have been other shoe companies, such as Reebok, that has also participated in these toning shoe claims, Skechers was the industry leader in this niche.

Because many consumers trusted these claims, there have been many lawsuits brought against Skechers, U.S.A., Inc. and the other toning shoe manufacturers. Some toning shoe lawsuits have focused on the injuries sustained while wearing Skecher Shape-Ups and other brands of toning shoes. Other lawsuits have indicated that purchases of these types of shoes were based on misleading advertising, which influenced people’s decision to purchase toning shoes in the first place. 

Many individual and class-action toning shoe lawsuits in Kentucky and throughout this nation are seeking monetary damages for customers who paid a high price for these toning shoes that promised health benefits, but failed to deliver. These false print, TV, and Internet ads touted benefits but instead delivered no such benefit. In fact, many people who wore the rocker bottom sole ended up suffering injuries as a result. 

Some of these lawsuits are not just seeking money, but they are asking the court to stop allowing Skechers and other companies to continue using deceptive advertising. 

Is Another Company Following in Skechers’ Footsteps?
After all the heat Skechers has been through for their deceptive advertising, one would think that another company would not want to follow in their footsteps. However, the popular barefoot-style FiveFingers Vibram shoe may be doing just that. 

A lawsuit has already been filed against Vibram alleging that these shoes injure runners and make deceptive health benefit claims promising to strengthen foot muscles, improve range of motion in the feet and ankles, improve balance, and align the spine to improve posture. 

The public is now questioning these health benefits claims and wants to see proof that these running shoes provide such benefits. 

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