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Toning Shoes are Designed to Be Unstable

Toning shoes have become all the rage.  Consumers, especially women, have been drawn to these “magic sneakers” that claim to tone various muscles while walking.  Shoe manufacturers make these shoes seem almost too good to be true.

The reality is – these shoes are designed to be unstable.

Doctors have expressed serious concerns over toning shoes, such as Skecher’s Shape Ups and Reebok’s EasyTone.  The issue that doctors have stems from the fact that these shoes are supposed to be unstable.  They incorporate a rocker bottom outsole, causing the foot to move from heel to toe.  When the foot performs this motion, it forces the muscles to work to control some of the instability.

According to one doctor’s blog, rocker bottom outsoles are not new.  In fact, podiatrists have been prescribing these outsoles to patients for years to treat gait issues, foot and ankle pain, deformities and more.

While toning shoes do have some benefits, after all they supposedly activate muscles, the risks seem to be great.  Some of the problems of toning shoes include the following:

  • Increased fall risk
  • Possible inflammation of the Achilles tendons
  • Change in gait (or the way you walk)
  • Destabilization

While manufacturers are claiming that you can get in shape without ever setting foot in the gym, you have to consider if the benefits outweigh these risks.   

Injured by Toning Shoes?

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