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Was a Defective Child Car Seat in Kentucky Responsible for Injuring or Killing Your Child?

Car SeatWhen parents leave the hospital with their newborn baby, one of the only requirements upon discharge is that the baby has to ride in the backseat of a vehicle, secured into a car seat. When that time comes, a nurse or a certified inspector at the hospital has to inspect the infant car seat to make sure the baby will be leaving the hospital in the appropriate car seat for his or her car ride home.

Securing infants, toddlers, or older children in the proper car seat for their size and weight can protect them in the event of a Northern Kentucky car accident. For this reason, children are required to be secured in the appropriate baby seat, booster seat, or child safety seat every time they ride in the car

Sadly, many parents unknowingly secure their newborns or older children into defective car seats. When manufacturers of safety seats fail to warn the public of known safety issues, they put many children’s lives at risk. Unfortunately, defective child safety seats in Kentucky have failed to keep children strapped in during a crash or have caused children to be ejected from vehicles and launched onto the roadway.

There is nothing more tragic than parents losing their child, especially when the child’s death was caused from a defective product. While car seat manufacturers should be held accountable and pay for their negligent action of producing a dangerous and defective product, they often blame the parents for failing to secure their child correctly.

What Are a Parent’s Rights When a Child Is Injured or Killed Due to a Defective Car Seat?

While no amount of money can take away a parent’s loss, parents who have lost a child in a crash should not allow manufacturers to get away with manufacturing a defective car seat. Instead, parents may be entitled to punitive damages, which is a way of punishing a manufacturer for producing dangerous and defective products.

If your child was badly injured, disfigured, or killed in a car accident because the car seat failed to protect your child, you need to talk with an attorney immediately. Our compassionate and knowledgeable consumer product attorneys will fight for you to get you the compensation, justice, and closure you and your family deserve.  Call one of our Kentucky dangerous and defective product attorneys at the Law Office of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson to learn about your legal rights in a free consultation today at (859) 578-4444 or (888) 606-5297.

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