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Did Your Baby Suffer Birth Injuries in Kentucky Caused by Breech Birth?

As an expectant mother, you want everything to go right during labor and delivery, and you want a healthy baby. However, if you are near term and your baby is breech—feet or buttocks first—there may be birthing complications, as a breech delivery can cause serious injuries to the infant.

The normal, head-first position allows the baby to pass through the birthing canal easier during a vaginal birth, which reduces birth injuries. Studies have shown that breech babies delivered via C-section have a lower risk of birth injury than those delivered vaginally.

When a doctor attempts to deliver a baby in a breech position, the baby can become stuck in the birthing canal and suffer serious injuries, including:

  • Birth asphyxia due to the umbilical cord wrapping around the infant’s neck
  • Arm, shoulder, and neck injuries
  • Facial trauma
  • Back injuries
  • Hip damage
  • Lower extremity injuries
  • Muscle and soft-tissue damage
  • Nerve trauma
  • Brain damage

When babies are born breech, they may suffer any of the above injuries and exhibit signs of crush syndrome from the extensive trauma a breech delivery causes them. Sadly, these birth injuries in Kentucky are preventable through proper monitoring. When a doctor fails to diagnose the breech position, fails to discuss your options, and fails to prepare a Caesarean section, your doctor may be liable for your baby’s birth injuries.

Most babies are in the correct birthing position by eight months. However, there are some that don’t turn in time or are born preterm. For these reasons, doctors are supposed to monitor the expectant mother and position of the unborn baby through medical examinations during the pregnancy.

If your doctor attempts to manipulate your uterus manually in order to rotate the baby and is unsuccessful, it is best to have a C-section to alleviate trauma to the baby. However, if the doctor continues with the birth or fails to perform a C-section when necessary, he or she may have committed medical malpractice. Your doctor is responsible for your baby’s health during labor and delivery. When he or she fails to ensure your infant’s safety, you need to speak with a skilled Northern Kentucky birth injury attorney.

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