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Tired Truckers are a Danger to People on Kentucky Highways

Its commonplace to see tractor-trailers traveling on highways throughout Kentucky and Ohio.  After all, trucks are an important part of our economy.  What happens, though, when a trucker, who has had little sleep and very few breaks, gets behind the wheel of one of these massive commercial vehicles?  According to some tragic big rig accident cases, it can be deadly.  Tired truckers have the potential to cause catastrophic Ohio and Kentucky truck accidents.

There are federal regulations in place that allow truckers to driver a maximum of 11 hours following 10 hours off duty, according to the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMSA).  Truckers can drive up to 60 hours in a seven-day work period and 70 hours in an eight-day work period.

The Truck Safety Coalition, a safety advocate group comprised of truck accident victims, mentions a career trucker, Richard Darley, on its website who has been driving rigs since 1970.  While there are rules on how long truckers can operate on the road, Darley said that it doesn’t make that much of a difference.   “I don’t care how many rules they write.  There’s going to be somebody that breaks them.”  He went on to say that driver fatigue is the “biggest issue out there.”

So, why are truckers pushing themselves to deliver loads, even though they are exhausted?  Some believe that it is due to the shippers that put pressure to get the deliveries on time.  Truckers are under stress to deliver their loads despite unforeseen delays, such as traffic backups or bad weather.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, trucker fatigue may play a role in as many as 30 to 40 percent of large truck accidents.

If you have been injured in an Ohio or Kentucky truck accident, you need to seek legal advice.  You may be able to hold the trucker, trucking company and any other responsible party accountable for your injuries.  For more information, contact a Northern Kentucky truck accident lawyer at the Law Office of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson at (859) 578-4444 or (888) 606-5297.

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