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Are Consumers Starting To Recognize the Dangers of Shape-Ups?

The shoes were supposedly revolutionary, making claims of toned muscles without strenuous exercises. According to Skechers, their Shape-up shoes could deliver great benefits without having to step foot in the gym. Consumers were led to believe that all they had to do was don a pair of these magical shoes and then, poof! They would get in shape before they knew it. As time went on, people quickly began to realize that these toning shoes might not live up to all of the hype. Researchers questioned the benefits and doctors became concerned over the dangers.

It appears that the demand for Skechers Shape-ups could be on the decline. Could it be that consumers are now aware of the risks of these toning shoes?

In the fall of 2010, Bloomberg.com reported that the shares for Skechers “fell the most in 19 months after a Susquehanna Financial Group analyst lowered his rating on the stock on decreased demand for Shape-ups toning sneakers.” According to a New-York based Susquehanna analyst, retailers reported sluggish demand for Skechers’ toning shoes.

Kim Kardashian Might Not Be Able to Convince Consumers Otherwise

It is hard to know the exact cause of the decreased sales of Shape-ups. Maybe it is that consumers are starting to recognize that toning shoes may be “too good to be true,” or that they don’t want to risk painful injuries, such as broken hips, fractured ankles and torn Achilles tendons.

There has been a lot of doubt raised about the effectiveness of toning shoes and the potential hazards. According to both Consumer Reports and the American Council on Exercise, it is unlikely that toning shoes significantly increase muscle activity. Medical professionals share these same doubts, plus additional concerns over the safety of toning shoe wearers.

If You Have Been Injured While Wearing Skechers Shape-Ups

If you have been hurt by Skechers Shape-ups and have questions about your legal rights, contact one of our experienced Northern Kentucky injury lawyers today. You can reach us by calling (859) 578-4444 or (888) 606-5297. We will review your case and explain your best course of action.

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