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Risks of Severe Internal Bleeding in Patients Using Pradaxa

Boehringer Ingelheim, the maker of Pradaxa, was contacted by MedPage Today about Pradaxa’s risk of internal bleeding. The company issued a statement that the clinical trial “showed a trend toward a higher risk of major bleeding with Pradaxa 150 mg compared to warfarin in patients age 75 or older. The risk of stroke and bleeding increases with age…” 

The above statement shows the drug maker knew of Pradaxa’s serious internal bleeding risks prior to placing this dangerous medication on the market

Additionally, multiple researchers have found that Pradaxa has very dangerous – sometimes deadly – side effects. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that patients using Pradaxa are at a 33 percent higher risk of heart attacks and acute coronary syndrome compared to people that are taking other blood thinning medications. Furthermore, researchers in New Zealand found that prolonged bleeding increases the risk of death, and Pradaxa has serious consequences due to the lack of an effective reversal agent to stop the bleeding. 

While some have indicated that taking a reduced dosage will help minimize the severe bleeding risks, researchers in New Zealand cited that, although bleeding is an “expected complication” of Pradaxa, especially in the elderly, it is not totally alleviated by a reduced dosage. They found that 22 patients still bled while taking a reduced dosage. 

Uncontrollable Internal Bleeding Risks from Pradaxa

Although Pradaxa is supposed to help prevent strokes by reducing blood clot formations in patients with a heart rhythm abnormality, this blood-thinning medication is maybe working too hard to thin the blood. For instance, if a Pradaxa patient fell and hit his head, he may suffer fatally - not from the fall and head injury, but from internal bleeding that is uncontrollable. Sadly, there is no way to reverse the medication’s blood-thinning properties, which puts patients at risk of death from internal bleeding. 

When the blood-thinning agent dabigatran extexilate, sold under the brand name Pradaxa, is used by elderly patients, the risks are increased. This is because elderly people are more susceptible to falls. If they hit their heads and are taking Pradaxa, they can suffer bleeding in the head that is irreversible – leading to their deaths.

Lost a Loved One to Pradaxa? Seek Legal Help!

If your loved one suffered fatally due to Pradaxa bleeding  that was uncontrollable, you and your family should pursue compensation against the pharmaceutical company for their wrongdoings. Let them know of your concern by speaking up for your loved one and filing a Pradaxa injury lawsuit. 

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