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Know What Cerebral Palsy Classification Your Child Suffered at Birth?

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When parents hear the words cerebral palsy (CP) for the first time, they are definitely in shock and are trying to process the birth trauma – making it hard for them to focus on what the doctor is telling them about CP. Once parents have taken time to grieve, they will want to learn more about the type of CP their child has. 

Cerebral palsy can be classified as spastic, athetoid or ataxic, which we discuss in our article Understanding the Three Classifications of Cerebral Palsy with the Help of a KY Birth Injury Lawyer. However, they are further classified by the limbs that are affected.  The forms of CP include:

  • Diplegia – This form of CP affects the legs. Children with diplegia have delayed muscle growth and spasticity – causing their leg muscles to be short and joints to be stiff. However, most will learn to walk. The majority of children with diplegic CP have normal or near-normal learning abilities.
  • Hemiplegia – This form of CP affects one side of the body, including one arm and one leg on the same side. Most children with hemiplegia attend normal schools and have normal intelligence. 
  • Monoplegia – This form of CP affects one limb, causing mild problems with the limb. It generally occurs in one of the arms, and the problem is typically at the end of the limb, such as the wrist and hand. 
  • Triplegia – This form of CP affects three limbs, such as two legs and one arm. Triplegia is generally considered a combination of diplegia, hemiplegia, and quadriplegia. 
  • Quadriplegia – This form of cerebral palsy affects all four limbs; however, there are different types of quadriplegia. Some with quadriplegia can sit well and even lift themselves into their wheelchairs and feed themselves independently. However, others with severe spastic quadriplegia cannot walk, move, or feed themselves independently.

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